One District One Product

Introduction :

Bapatla District is endowed with rich Marine, Inland and Brackish water Shrimp resources with 20,389 acres of Aquaculture with 7360 Aqua farmers and Marine shrimp resources with 74km coast line with 2909 Fishing crafts with production of 2.19 Lakh MT for the year 2023-24. As per the MPEDA reports from Bapatla district for the year 2022-23, 9493.95 MT of Frozen shrimp estimated Value of Rs 526.24 Crs exported. Bapatla is supporting Andhra Pradesh stood first in Shrimp production.For promotion of Domestic consumption of Shrimp, Department of Fisheries has Launched Fish Andhra-Fit Andhra concept through vide publicity in Social media websites i.e., twitter, Facebook & YouTube etc.

Product Development :

1. Number of Workshops / Trainings conducted for upskilling – Conducted 64 Trainings – 768 Trainees


2. Product Diversification – Head On, Tail on, Deveined, Peeled Deveined, Butterfly cut – 5 Prototypes



3. Tools / Tool kits provided for Quality Standardization of products – EIC, MPEDA, ELISA, Inhouse Labs, Integrated Aqua labs



4. Physical Infrastructure established for improvement in production – Shrimp Hatcheries, Pre processing plants, Ice plants, Biofloc, RAS, Fin fish hatcheries, Polychaete hatcheries, Fishing harbors, FLCs & Aqua park



5. Number of registrations for UID of Product (Organic certification / Product Code, etc.) – MPEDA / ASPADA / CAA


6. Branding (Unique Brand Name) – Fish Andhra


7. Promotion of district as synonymous to ODOP product through various means (Social media / Print media / Digital Media / Newspapers and other promotional efforts) – Fish Andhra, Fit Andhra



8. Quality Assurance (quality testing lab / tie-up) – MPEDA, EIC



9. Novel technology introduced for ease of / increasing production: technology showcase, awareness program for schemes availment – Biofloc, HDPE Sheet culture, RAS, Blood worms Production, Shrimp Toilet, Airblowers



11. R&D infrastructure (In-depth research for product improvement) – Product Action Plan Report, Additional reports – Utilizing the Action plan reports of ICAR Institutes, RGCA

Beneficiary Assistance :

1. Number of Artisans / Weavers / Farmers who received trainings for Upskilling – 768 farmers – 64 RBK Trainings


2. Number of beneficiaries registered with Artisan Card / Weaver card / Pehchan ID/ Farmer ID – CAA / APSADA


3. Empanelled CS / CA for ODOP product stakeholders – MPEDA

4. Empanelled Account Manager for Total Sales of Product – Not Applicable

5. Number of beneficiaries that received financial assistance – 18641 (HSD Oil, Power tariff, PMMSY, Ban Relief )

6. Empaneled Account Manager for Total Sales of Product – 7142 (Hatcheries, Farmers, Sellers, Manufacturers)

7. Domestic Exposure to Sellers (Trade Fairs / Exports) -Seafood exports


8. International Exposure to Sellers (Trade Fairs / Expos) – Regularly MPEDA is conducting within and  Outside exposure to sellers

9. Central Schemes Awareness generation programmes – PMMSY, Blue Revolution, FIDF, RKVY, RIDF



10. State Schemes Awareness generation programmes – Domestic marketing, RBK, NFDB, NCDC


Institutional Support :

1. Showcase of Product ( Exhibitions / Promotional Events) – Domestic marketing with Fish Andhra Fit Andhra brand





2. Ties ups with academic / specialized institutions/industry associations – CIBA, CMFRI, CIFA, MPEDA, RGCA, CIFNET, CIFA, CIFRI, SIFT

3. Implementation of Unique Projects in collaboration with national (1) and international organizations (1) – Aqua park with the Technical support of RGCA (MPEDA), Chennai


Information Dissemination on District website :

1. One District One Product initiative: Product list, Action Plan Report – Frozen shrimp, Solar & Electric Shrimp Drying.

2. List of Activities being undertaken by district administration under ODOP Initiative – District Level Convergence meetings (AP Sate Aquaculture Development Authority) for issue of Registrations & Licenses to Aquaculture farms & Aquaculture business operations, Allotment of Sites for establishment of Mini Fish Retail Outlets, Convergence meetings with Line department for the improvement of the Product, Allotment of Sites for Fishing harbors & Fish Landing centres, Giving quick approvals for the Shrimp Production and value addition units, Issue of Aquaculture Licenses to Aqua stake holders through Online web portal.

3. Details of ODOP Sensitization Workshops being conducted for current stakeholders and next generation stakeholders – Workshops on Value addition, Product diversity, Organic farming, Enhancing Domestic consumption of Fish & Fishery products, Certification and accredition of Aqua Business operations, Low cost Quality Feed production, Employment generation for Local unemployed youth, Utilization of the fallow lands for promotion of Aquaculture, Innovative culture practices.

4. List of mentors registered with District to provide mentorship to beneficiaries – SIFT, MPEDA, CIBA, CIFA, NACSA, KVK, APFU.

5. Details by Account Holder of all transactions (sales) – Self.

6. Mentorship support available with clearly laid out procedures to avail the same – Online & offline trainings by the ICAR Institutes to the departmental Officials and Stakeholders.

7. Funding support available, with clearly laid out procedures to avail the same – PMMSY, NABARD, RIDF, Blue Revolution, FIDF, Industrial Development Policy, NFDB.

8. Details of rules, regulations, Acts, Govt. Schemes introduced or amended to propel the ODOP initiative in the District – CAA, APSADA,AP Fish Feed, Seed Acts, MPEDA, Environmental Protection Act, Coastal Regulation Zone, AP Coastal Zone Management Authority, MFR Act, MS Act, Indian Fisheries Act

9. Details of Quality Assurance Labs/Certification Labs/Processing Units/Quality Infrastructure with Contact details – MPEDA, EIC, SIFT, CIFT

10. Details of departments providing institutional support to beneficiaries availing support under ODOP initiative – Industries Department, KVKs, NABARD Bank, Ports, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Fisheries, Ministry of Rural Development.

Sales Improvement :

1. Increase in procurement of product by State Government/Central Government – State Government through Fish Andhra hubs. MPEDA regularly conducting meetings with the Buyers and sellers inside and Outside India for promotion of Shrimp exports. Recently Sea food expo conducted at Calcutta.

2. GeM registration – APSADA, MPEDA & CAA Registrations.

3. Trade Facilitation (Domestic) – Increase in Buyer Seller Meets – Regularly conducting meeting with the 3500 Mini Fish Retail Outlets beneficiaries, 26 Hubs beneficiaries & 450 Spokes beneficiaries for promotion of Fish & Shrimp sales. MPEDA regularly conducting meetings with the Buyers and sellers inside and Outside India for promotion of Shrimp exports. Recently Sea food expo conducted at Calcutta.

4. Trade Facilitation (International) – Increase in Buyer Seller Meets – MPEDA regularly conducting meetings with the Buyers and sellers inside and Outside India for promotion of Shrimp exports. Recently Sea food expo conducted at Calcutta.

5. Export Promotion: Border Haats / trade promotion centres, cold chains/export warehousing, Export Certification Labs/tie ups – MPEDA, Certification of Product by EIC, Insulated Vehicles, Processing plants, Preprocessing plants etc.

6. Increase in trade through transport logistics e.g. Land customs stations / dry ports / Road / Aviation Railways, ports/airports cargo terminuses, SEZs – Hyderabad, Vijayawada & Chennai Airports, Road connectivity, Railways, 4 National Highways, Kakinada, Krishnapatnam & Chennai Ports.

7. Availability in State Emporium, Delhi & Others – Yes, Available

8. Dedicate Store Front (Physical / Virtual) – Fish Andhra Daily, Super & Lounge with mobile app for online delivery of the Fish & Fishery products.

9. E-commerce Onboarding (List of E-Com websites with links) –

10. Number of Trainings conducted for improvement of Sales Force – 56 Trainings conducted to the Fish retail outlet beneficiaries & provided advisories for improvement of sales to the beneficiary and also conducting Training session for Fish Andhra Lounge beneficiaries for promotion of Shrimp sales in Food festival proposed from July 28th to July 30th 2023.

11. Number of IECs issued – 6 IECs issued.
a) 0912020148 – M/s. Royal Marine Impex Pvt. Ltd.
b) BRFA3362R – M/s. Aparna Marine Exports.
c) 0913013838 – M/s. Crystal Sea foods Pvt. Ltd.,
d) AAWCS1771M – M/s. Satish Marine Exim Pvt. Ltd.
e) AMOPH4378L – M/s. SSR Sea foods.
f) 2614000582 – M/s. Auatica Frozen Foods global Private Limited.